Aaron Gransby’s first volume of short stories is a highly readable but devastatingly prescient collection, blending suburban ordinariness with an unsettling portrait of what lies ahead of us. Thought-provoking and highly original, these visionary stories will make you stop and think about the world we are currently hurtling headlong towards.

A hard-working, long-serving employee looks forward to the gold-plated retirement he has been promised as a reward for his loyalty.

A civil servant with people’s futures in his hands comes to terms with the unfairness of what he is being asked to do on behalf of the State.

A patient driven mad by the incessant demands of the electronic world seeks recovery in an apartment block converted back into an asylum.

A curious book-lover has his eyes opened to the truth about a society that has been redrawn by the impact of cancel culture.

After the monolithic airport that devastated local communities is closed, an old man is left alone with his suburban memories.

An over-population crisis leads to yet another lockdown in which good Citizens are allowed out of their homes for just two hours a week.

A tragedy leads to an unexpected meeting outside the perfect world portrayed by social media and online reviews.

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