More about Aaron Gransby’s debut novel

The economic powerhouse of The City dominates the nation. Those born Citizens live a gilded life, working hard four days a week and playing harder for the other three, whilst the nation is ruthlessly governed like a business by The Board.

Journalist Rory Kennet has always felt slightly apart from life inside the electronic walls and finds himself Removed to the Outside when, on behalf of a friend, he begins to investigate the disappearance of a blameless civil servant.

As Rory adjusts to his new life he vows to discover and expose the truth behind The City’s Removals policy. But as he set out on his quest, he had no idea that what he was to find out would shine a new light on his whole existence…

Set in a near future society that we can all recognise, Aaron Gransby’s debut novel is a pacy and thought-provoking read. With echoes of previous injustices in both our own country and others close to home, it combines the past and present to paint a picture of a disturbing but all too plausible future, surprisingly wrapped up in a very readable thriller.


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